Simple CMS Guide

Also see: Guide to BBCode

Simple CMS will be tailored to meet your specific site requirements, for the purposes of this guide we have used our own site design and layout.

Getting Started - Your administration panel

There are two ways to choose to access your administration panel, either by a small discreet link somewhere on your site, you via direct link. The choice is yours. To access the panel you will need a username and password, which will be set during the installation.

Once you've logged in, you will see "Sections" "Pages" and "Extras" The first thing you'll want to do is add a menu to your site, there are two types of menu:

Tree Menus

The menu on the left of the page is an example of a tree menu. It is split into sections with section names on show such as Services! and Software, below which are the links to the various pages within those sections.

Flat Menus

The menu at the top of the page is an example of a flat menu. While flat menus can have sections, these section names are not displayed and are more for your organisational use. You can also move individual tree menu sections to flat menus.

Adding a section:

Under "Sections" click the "New..." link, give your new section a name and choose of the locations provided by your template

Adding a page:

Under "Pages" click the "New..." link, give your new page a name and choose one or more of the available sections you wish your new page to be displayed in.
As you can see from our "Contact us" page, the page has only been created once, yet we have it displayed in multiple sections and in turn, multiple locations.

Pages without sections will not be viewable in your menus, they can however still be accessed via links in the same way you accessed this help document. For example, if you were to create a new page called "Hidden Page" it would be accessed at

Editing Sections and Pages:

To edit a section or a page, simply click on the link for the one you wish to edit, make the required changes and click the edit button at the bottom.

Deleting Sections and Pages:

Deleting sections and pages works the same way as editing them, click on the link within the administration panel and click the delete link. Deletion can not be undone, however deleting a section containing pages will not result in the pages being deleted, these must be deleted manually, edited to be included in a new section or linked to manually.